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    The process and standard of marketing channel investment

    After years of sales and operation accumulation,The company has established foreign trading order system, domestic trading network, OEM processing system , The products are exported to more than 60 countries in Europe, America, Asia and South America, meanwhile the domestic trading is expanding gradually, the products are well received by the consumers.

    一.SHUNMEI agent requirement

    a. Enterprise Managing ability

    ① The registered capital of the new agent shall not be less than 5 million RMB

    ②A(yíng)gree with Shunmeis business philosophy and development strategy, and be willing to develop together with SHUNMEI.

    ③ Deeply understand the development strategy of Shunmei agency, and devote yourselves to the development of Shunmei.

    ④ Have long-term strategic objectives and business planning, and have the modern management concept of win-win cooperation.

    ⑤ Scientific marketing and service concept.

    ⑥With innovative spirit, self-confidence and higher level reflection to the market.

    b. Internal operation management capability

    ① With perfect organization structure and sales team to ensure the nice shopping experience and better service

    ② With strong financial strength ,perfect financial system, good financial situation and business reputation, and no bad cooperation history in business activities.

    ③ With perfect staff incentive and Evaluation system, and carry out staff training regularly.

    ④ Perfect logistics and warehouse management system, and qualified to issue VAT invoice accordingly.

    ⑤ With smooth communication way, anti-risk ability and quanlity assurance ability.

    二. Authorization process

    a.The regional manager will screen and communicate with potential customers firstly , and finally determine the ideal person and submit them to the Sales Department .

    b. The sales director will have a deep conversation again, and will report to the headquarters accordingly if the applicant meets the companys requirement.

    c. The third communication shall be conducted by the headquarters. and will report to the gereal manager accordingly if the applicant meets the companys requirement for final conversation and decision.

    三.Responsibilities and commitments

    ① Complete the agreed sales of the agency contract and maintain the market price stability.

    ② Submit the market reports in writting to the headquarter on time.

    ③ Should gather the market and related products information actively

    ④ Should protect the headquarters commercial interest,profile,reputation and maintain the market order.

    ⑤ Should develop and manage secondary franchisees , expand products line and increase market share hardly.

    四.Rights of Agency

    Franchise Right : Enjoy franchise right of SHUNMEI products

    Image Use Right:Free to use the visual identity system designed by headquarter.

    Regional protection rights: The headquarter strictly implement the principle of regional protection for the agencies.

    Priority right of agency: under the same conditions, franchisees are priority to buy the right of exclusive regional management.

    The Prior right of Renewal:Upon expiration of the contract,agencies have the prior rights of renewal to sign the new authorization contracts with headquarter.

    Registered consulting:The company provide the certificate documents uniformly.

    Terminal market required material supports:The company quantify offer free giveaways,pop,leaflets, etc.along with the goods.


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